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If you are struggling to have a baby you’re not alone. An estimated 6.1 million women in the United States struggle with infertility. Fortunately, medical progress in the several decades has opened the door to parenthood for couples who previously may or may not have been able to conceive. There are a number of potential causes of infertility and after reviewing your general medical history; your physician can order tests to help determine the cause. Infertility is not always a woman’s problem; both men and women can have problems that cause infertility. About one-third of infertility cases are caused by women’s problems. Another one-third of infertility problems are due to the man. The other cases are caused by a mixture of male and female problems or by unknown problems. Infertility is defined by failure to conceive after one year for women 35 years or less of age. For women great than 35 years of age the time frame is 6 months of trying to conceive.

In women there can be problems with ovulation disorder, blocked fallopian tubes and uterine fibroids. A female’s age and weight also concerns in trying to achieve pregnancy. OBGYN WEST’s dedicated physicians will meet with patients to gather information and will then determine what tests need to be completed to further understand any problems that may be the cause of infertility.


Infertility is an emotional and stressful issue. The physicians at OBGYN WEST have the knowledge and compassion to help couples through this very difficult time in their lives. Infertility is a very common problem impacting about 10% of women in the United States. There are many causes that impact a women’s inability to get pregnant. OBGYN WEST provides the latest testing and treatment options to properly diagnose and treat couples experiencing infertility.

Common Diagnostic Tests

General Testing may include, but not limited to:

  • Day Three Labs (FSH, LH, E2)
  • AMH
  • HSG
  • Infectious Disease Testing
  • Semen Analysis (male)

Infertility Treatment Options

Infertility can be treated with medicine, surgery, artificial insemination, or assisted reproductive technology (In Vitro Fertilization). Many times these treatment options are combined. Our physicians will base your treatment plan on the following:

  • Diagnostic testing
  • Age of female
  • Preference of the patient
  • How long the couple has been trying

What is IUI?

Intrauterine insemination is an infertility treatment option. In this procedure, the woman is injected with specifically prepared sperm. In some cases the women is also treated with medicines that stimulate ovulation before the IUI procedure.

What is IVF?

In vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a more advanced reproductive treatment option. It requires medication to stimulate the ovaries, monitoring (ultrasounds and blood work) to determine the ovaries response to the medication. The eggs are retrieved from the female and the laboratory fertilizes the eggs with the sperm to create the embryo. Depending on the treatment plan the embryo(s) are transferred back to the female on day 3-5. OBGYN WEST does not provide IVF services in house, however if you are a candidate for IVF we will refer you to Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Associates (RMIA), an IVF center in Woodbury and Edina. OBGYN WEST and RMIA have had a long standing relationship to help couples achieve success through IVF. RMIA offers those qualified candidates a shared risk IVF program. The shared risk program offers qualified candidates up to three fresh cycles of IVF for a predetermined cost. If patients do not achieve a successful outcome, defined by live birth plus 30 days then the couple is due back the refundable portion of their program.

Our ultimate goal is to help couples achieve a successful outcome and OBGYN WEST is committed to making that dream a reality.

Tell me about intrauterine insemination.

Many times the barriers between infertility and pregnancy are purely physical, such as blocked tubes, slow moving sperm or other conditions that render the man unable to deposit his sperm directly into his partner's vagina (such as impotence or premature ejaculation). In these cases we use a method of artificial insemination called intrauterine insemination (or IUI). IUI is when sperm are placed directly into the uterine cavity through a catheter. It's a very quick procedure, only lasting a few minutes, and chances are you won't feel any discomfort. The IUI method increases your chances of pregnancy because the sperm are placed directly inside the uterus, giving them a better chance of reaching their intended target (the egg). This procedure may not work the first time, but you can repeat it over several cycles before further evaluation would be warranted (if you don't get pregnant). If the treatment is successful, you should know if a couple of weeks.

OBGYN West partners with a company called Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Associates.

As you've read here, we have a lot options and procedures available at OBGYN West to treat infertility. However, if we determine you're a candidate for a treatment like in vitro fertilization, we will refer you to Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Associates (RMIA), a fertility clinic in Woodbury that specializes in what we call "Assisted Reproductive Technologies", like in vitro. You're in good hands with the folks at RMIA. And when you become pregnant, we look forward to having you return as our patient.

Three of our doctors specialize in infertility and work with Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Associates to offer a comprehensive IVF program: