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Minimally Invasive Procedures

The problems are different. The procedures vary. But our goal is always the same: Solving your problems with smaller (or no) incisions. Less discomfort. Fewer restrictions. And a quicker return to your regular day-to-day life.

See below for descriptions of the minimally invasive procedures represented in this list:

  • da Vinci® Robotic Surgery
  • Procedures for Heavy Bleeding
  • Essure® Permanent Birth Control
  • Bladder Sling

Da Vinci® Robotic Surgery

Some people do look at you strangely when you mention using a robot for surgery,” admits Dr. Gregg Tiegen. “But after you explain how it works and the advantages you gain,” they’re all for it.

The advantages of robotic surgery are quite remarkable. By using several small incisions—“about the size of your pinkie”, states Dr. Teigen—OBGYN West doctors are able to carefully guide surgical instruments and a magnifying camera into their patient without making the traditional, and large, 3-4 inch incision. Because of the magnification, explains Dr. Wes Grootwassink, “I can literally sew using suture I can’t see with my naked eye” and “do more delicate work than I could do with my hands” unassisted.

“There are not that many hysterectomies and other procedures we can’t do this way,” explains Dr. Heegaard. The result: What once required potentially months of recuperation and restriction can “usually be a same day procedure,” says Dr. Christine “Tina” Larson, “where you can be admitted in the morning and go home that same evening.” “OBGYN West has really been on the forefront of these procedures in the Twin Cities,” explains Dr. Heegaard. In fact, “we were asked by da Vinci to be the first group at Fairview Southdale to be trained in this. There aren’t that many people who do it.”


Options for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Excessively heavy menstrual bleeding can be embarrassing, debilitating and life altering. Fortunately, there are a few minimally-invasive options available.

So what is heavier than normal? Here are a few symptoms that might indicate that a minimally invasive treatment might be an option for you:

  • you bleed through one or more pads or tampons every hour for several hours
  • you have to get up in the night to change out your pad or tampon
  • your period lasts more than seven days
  • your menstrual flow contains several large blood clots
  • you’re especially tired or short of breath (symptoms of anemia)
  • your heavy periods interfere with your regular lifestyle (i.e., affect your physical activities, your physical intimacy, your career or your self-confidence”)

As Dr. Wes Grootwassink explains, “If somebody bleeds so much they can’t leave their house in the first two days of their period, that has a huge impact on the quality of their life. And if we can give them back their life, that’s what we do.”


Essure® permanent birth control

When the family is complete and women are looking for a minimally invasive and effective form of sterilization, more of our patients are considering the Essure® method. Unlike a tubal ligation, there is no anesthesia, there is no incision and the recovery time can be measured in hours, not days. In fact, most women return to their normal activities immediately after leaving our offices—even driving themselves home if they wish.

For us, Essure fits perfectly with our desire to provide our patients with more minimally invasive procedures that can shorten their recovery time and get them back to their regular life and work much more quickly.

To learn more about Essure and hear the stories of other women who have chosen Essure, CLICK HERE

Bladder Sling

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