OBGYN West | Eric J. English, MD
Eric J. English, MD


Dr. English is a great fertility doctor! He has a lot of knowledge & cheerfulness mixed with the perfect amount of awkward nerdiness that puts me at ease during my appts. I am a scientist to awkward nerdiness is what I do best. :) I typically do not prefer male OBGYNs but the male staff here is awesome and Dr. English is definitely my favorite.

Dr. English is exceptional. He is very knowledgeable, kind & attentive. Exactly what a worried pregnant woman needs!

Dr. English is very focused on his patients. I always feel important when I come to an appointment with him. I transferred from a different clinic to keep Doctor English as my provider.

Dr. English is so compassionate and understanding. He spends a lot of time with his patients and gives them a great sense of being well cared for.

Dr. English is the best doctor I have ever seen!

Took the time to listen to my concerns and addressed the problem.

Great health care partner.

Dr. English is the bombdiggity boom. He is very responsive, compassionate, creative and interested in treating the “whole patient” not just appointment specific issues.